This is my life.

What is common on December nights, (especially nights), is the retrospective point of view we order our mind to think.We take another look back.We analyse. We excuse  and give reasons to forgive ourselves.We give a chance to thank once again, to the unknown mother of life, for being alive.To forgive and to thank.We count the mistakes that have probably changed us or convinced us that we act wrong. We accepted, for another year, what life offered us. The harmony between cruelty and gentleness of fate and routine.We followed the route bravely and in fear, but we never stepped back.We might have stopped and cursed whatever evil got in our way.We gave life to monotony, to the unexpected, to smiles and tears of beloved and strangers.We acted kindly and polite to experience. We challenged. We glimpsed and caught eyes staring back, we drifted away, we had our feet on the ground, we constantly touched the future and let it slip back away warning it to be kind. Tomorrow became today and today became yesterday. Rhythmically .Undoubtedly . We loved our family, we loved our friends, we smiled at children, we reminisced , we cried, we laughed, we felt, we got scared, we got brave, we hoped, we cursed, we disappointed , we gave joy.We lived. For another year, we survived. Firstly ourselves, and then the others.Now it is time once again to promise that we will change what made us feel bad and hopeless this passing year. We all know we will hardly keep those promises.But that is our life.This is my life. All the lies I present to myself, all the promises I couldn’t keep, all the mistakes and lack of control and shyness and fear I put myself through, make me, make my life. I promise I will live and love all the same and even more greatly.That I can keep.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
Henry Ellis.

This is me 
This is my life 
And I don’t give a damn for lost emotions 
I’ve such a lot of love I’ve got to give 
Let me live 


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