I would like to dedicate a modest post of mine to the magnificent being of Adele.

 “I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.” And that is why we love her.

I remember the  time I heard her first single “Chasing Pavements”, and the way i felt about it. It is a lovely song, carrying the uniqueness of simplicity. It is rare now days.

But The Adele that touched me, is The Adele of the live performance at Brit Awards. That Adele, that had strength to write her feelings down,to face them, to sing them,to scream them and to smile them away. That Adele that touched world’s heart and soul, that silenced world’s chaos, stopped the time and urged universal tears to come out. It was The Adele that needed just one piano to enslave all of the human feelings and to direct them with the movements of her hands.The Adele that made me cry and smile and shiver at the same moment. The epicness of that moment was the reborn of  music.


That down to earth Adele, funny woman, that in a second would have you trapped in her magic.


Then, just recently, I came watching two live performances of her at Royal Albert Hall; particularly “Turning Tables” and “Set fire to the rain”, like probably most of you have done so. I have to confess that that made me decide to write this post  in my blog. It feels good to share.

Of course, I had listened those songs before and truly love them.Each of them has something on me.But,watching those performances, was something more.Actually, they were all that mattered. Jaw dropping pieces of art, moved parts of me that I was afraid to even recognize. Adele made me realize once again, that we are nothing but a bunch of feelings eagerly waiting to explode.And my feelings did so, by the second Adele started singing.She did nothing more.She just sang. Sang my feelings out.Sang OUR feelings out.She made us happy,sad,emptied us, filled us up with hopes and concerns.
She woken up sadness for unrequited loves.Weaknesses, desires, special ones drifting through our lives.Silent screams would fade out with smiles.Hopeless anger of guiltiness would wash through us. Violins were dancing with their pleasure of accompanying Adele. Hands would wander around trying unconsciously to reach something unknown.
But what I loved the most was the feeling of love towards strangers,part of the audience, when they would hug each other, love each other, or even sing to them selves.




I would like just to sincerely Thank Adele for everything she does.


“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick; for something they never had, and never will have.”



2 Responses to “Adele.”

  1. OMG… Such a greatly truthful article! I could find me and my feelings described in every single word that referred to Adele’s performance. She’ll forever be a legend and enjoying a Live performance of her is definitely a must-do-before-I-die wishes of my life!

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