“The Lost Diary Of Don Juan….” (by Douglas Carlton Abrams)

A highly recommended book.
Quotes are appeared below.

” I learned to hear the quiet whispers of a woman’s joys,fears and longings.”
“A woman’s desire does not die before her last breath”
“Most women can perceive a stare as if it were the whisper of words.”

“How easy it is to satisfy a woman; ho great are the rewards and gratitude for any man who makes even the slightest effort.But how few are those in this cruel age who seek to understand womanhood, and so my lust finds countless women who yearn for even the most basic kindness.”

‘There is nothing any of us can do about the ones we love.”
“Fly up and drink the moonlight.”

“Many men, are brave in battle but weak when facing an unarmed woman.”

“An able body is nothing without an illuminated mind.”

Duchess Cristina’s Invitation.

“ Two weeks have passed, and I have tried valiantly to forget Dona Ana in the only way I know how- to burn away her memory with the skin of other women. Ten to be exact. Yet I have known no relief. As a libertine, I have always lived for the pleasures of the moment. Lust is an impulse that flickers like a candle and goes out, but the light and warmth it sheds while It burns have been everything. To worry about the coming darkness is as futile as brooding over one’s own death. It is only the worshipful fantasy of love, with its daughters, regret and hope, that cause the sins of one’s soul to be stretched on the rack between past and future.
The cruelty called love uses the same pious beliefs and unrelenting methods as the Inquisiton, constantly interrogating the heart for a purity of faith and devotion that is impossible to maintain. We are not angels who sit in heaven all day singing praises to our beloved. We prowl the streets like animals, looking for our next meal and the scent of another. Fidelity- whether to God or to love- is not in our blood.

The greatest misstep in the dance of courtship is to believe it is our charm or beauty that is ultimately in question in this ancient fertility rite. Seduction and passion are simply Life longing for Life. It has little to do with our fears and faults. When we discover the Divine Secret, we realize that we are far less than we ever feared and far more than we ever imagined. Life uses us for its own satisfaction, and when we surrender to its will, we become a part of every kiss, whether or not it is made with our lips, and of every caress, whether or not it is made with our lips, and of every caress, whether or not it is made with our fingertips.

A moment of madness…

Would you like do drink the moonlight?”

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