Many happened,nothing changed.

So, here’s another Friday. The first of of November, and we’re starting a new weekend.
In a variation of point of views and life aspects, many have happened. I’m mostly referring to political and social events and decisions, grabbing the media’s attentions,therefore we’ve been hit with diverse flash news and long analysis .

It was another week, where we still kept the position of the witnesses of the absurdity of everyday life and political system all over the world.Shortly: witnesses to now day ‘s shit.
Global economy crisis, unrest of some Middle-East countries, ideological revolutionary protests and movements by different anti-capitalism and pseudo-democracy organisations, murders,criminals,politicians worrying over their posts, economists presenting the advantages,disadvantages,profits and loss of any possible economical reform, and of course the increasing sex scandals of “powerful” people.
All the series of events, are nothing but a part of an endless process of losing the real meaning of life.
People are still worrying,people are still confused and uncertain of their present and certain of their upcoming messed-up future. Long gone are the good days of humanity….:)

Now let’s get lost for a while in our own little illusion 🙂 Turn the time back and put some  jazz.
Wishing you all a nice weekend, and let’s hope better days will come and the light in the end of the tunnel will soon appear.

🙂 V.

2 Responses to “Many happened,nothing changed.”

  1. In Latin you would say “idem, sed aliter”.

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